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Broadwater, NSW

This is me! I am Shannon, a Natural Dreadlock Artist or Loctician. I specialise in creating and maintaining natural dreadlocks using a crochet hook, no chemicals or wax are used. I am on the south wall in Evans Head at sunset

About Shannon

Hi and welcome to Peace Love and Dreadlocks!

I am an experienced and certified Natural Dreadlock Artist (aka Loctician) working from home in the glorious Northern Rivers Region of NSW.  I studied under Em of Divine Dreadlocks Training and have been perfecting her ‘Divine Hand and Hook Method’ over the last 5 years.

It brings me joy to create dreads, it brings me joy to rejuvenate and revamp dreads and it brings me joy to share space and time with interesting people from all walks of life.  I feel blessed doing this work, helping to create art in people’s hair and life, joining them on their journey whether its as a regular client or a traveller passing through.

It is awesome having the opportunity to honour the transformation people go through in my studio, most having wanted dreads for a lifetime, seeing the tremendous excitement become serene acceptance of who they feel themselves to be reflected on the outside is a wonderful experience.  People tell me they feel a greater sense of who they are, with more self-confidence and self-love than ever before.

I simply love what I do!

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The 'Divine Hand and Hook Method'

Em from Divine Dreadlocks Training defines her method as “an art form involving detailed locking of each and every strand of hair – without the use of any products, nasty chemicals or wax. It’s 100% natural dread creation. The only things used is SKILL, a small hook, a comb and your hair”.

The results are outstanding!

Male client facing a dark green wall with freshly maintained long dreads with orange and purple wraps for a pop of colour.
woman lying on sand with purple bougainvillia flowers spread around her and her long blonde natural dreadlocks made by crochet hook.

Dreadlock Services

Dreadlock Creation

I create 100% natural dreads, without any wax or chemicals, just a crochet hook in skilled and experienced hands.

Firstly, I section the hair according to the dread size you desire (taking into consideration your hair type), then each section is backcombed before locking each hair strand with a 0.6mm crochet hook, effectively pulling each strand inside the dread creating an instant loc.

I recommend some preparation steps for the best results and we go through all aftercare procedures during the session.

There is minimal loss of length with this method and regular palm rolling or waxing is not necessary.

Keeping dreads separate from each other is really the only thing you will need to do other than come back for regrowth maintenance when you feel you need it.

This is not a quick method of dreadlock creation; however it is the most thorough way to achieve stunning dreads that are instantly locked.

Dreadlock Extensions

I love all dreads, but in my honest opinion, there is no better transformation than creating new dreads and installing extensions for length at the same time.

I source 100% Remy Human Hair to custom create the extensions to your requirements, we consult on each step and you approve the colour choice, extension length and dread thickness.

I employ several different techniques in attaching the extensions, depending on hair type and colour matching, but all methods are strong and seamless.

If your hair is at least 10cm long we can create long luscious locs without waiting for years to grow your hair long enough to achieve the look of your dreams.

Dreadlock Maintenance

Regrowth maintenance is required as frequently or infrequently as you want it to be, depending on how you like your dreads to look and feel.

If you like neat and tidy dreads, 3 monthly maintenance sessions might be right for you. If you opted for thinner dreads, more regular maintenance will be required to keep a good strong structure to your dreads.

Peoples dreadlock journeys are so individual and each person has their own internal clock for when they feel they need maintenance.

Maintenance is satisfying as the new hair that’s grown outside the dread structure is locked in, ensuring good strong bases and giving you a refreshing feel to your dreads and scalp.

back view of woman with long ombre dreads showing a comparison of before and after dreadlock maintenance using a crochet hook

Dreadlock Repair or Reconstruction

This service is required for people who have let their dreads get out of control or whose dreads were not created correctly initially.

I love dreads, and if theres a chance I can save them, i will try my best.

Beads and Wraps

Another awesome thing about dreadlocks is that it provides another platform for expressing yourself through your dreads!

I keep beads and hemp thread in stock and you are welcome to pick out some trinkets and colour wraps.

close up view of crochet made dreadlocks with colourful hemp wraps and beads


back view of a woman with a high dreadlock bun standing in a green rainforest doing a yoga pose


I charge an hourly rate of $50/hour.

Having your dreadlocks professionally made by me will cost in the vicinity of $300-$1000 depending on how much hair you have and what you want created.

The cost of maintenance is usually between $75 and $300 depending on the amount of regrowth and whether you want the lengths tidied up/loops and bumps sorted etc.

Extensions are charged on a per dread basis, depending on amount needed and desired extension length.  Extensions are paid in advance and then the hourly rate for the install.

Quotes are provided for you to consider before we go ahead.

Contact Shannon on 0409 422 450 for a quote or if you are local I can do a free in person consult to plan what you require.


    2 puli dogs amongst a green garden. One black and one white. Puli dogs have natural dreadlocks.
    Just because they are awesome

    The Best Experience Ever

    "100% natural dreads using the Divine Hand and Hook method, no chemicals, no wax"
    man with a dreadlock bun leaning on his surfboard at a beach lookout, looking at the ocean
    Peace Love and Dreadlocks
    Natural Dreadlock Artist